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Preparation for a Miracle on the Hudson River

July 17, 2012


In this blog, Sue Bray and Diane Landsiedel invite people to comment on how they are preparing for cross-cultural, virtual teams. In their article reprinted here and recently published in the June 2012 issue of the IACEE Newsletter, they suggest that continuing engineering education can lead the way to prepare engineers for this changing world of work. 

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K2C Goes to London on our own Learning Journey

May 2, 2012

In this blog, Sue Bray and Diane Landsiedel reflect on their own journey of lifelong learning to develop their competencies to teach and coach others in global teamwork.  Keys 2 Culture is taking  a trip to London to participate in a conference sponsored by WorldWork Ltd. entitled "Building Intercultural Competence: from self-awareness to personal change". Daniel Ofman, internationally recognized guru in personal development is the keynote speaker.  Sue Bray, K2C Principal, will also be a panelist to discuss her experiences with helping others to create sustainable personal change. This annual event is a terrific opportunity to renew professional contacts and also, to share and learn more about personal change, team development, and best practices in creating change through the use of WorldWork's research-based assessment tools.

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K2C Hints for Global Teams #1: Swift Trust - Putting Your Best Foot Forward

December 7, 2011


The primary goal of Keys 2 Culture is to promote the development of skills for global leadership and global teamwork. With this in mind, we have developed a new publication called “K2C Hints for Global Teams” to share with people who have expressed their interest in these areas too.

“K2C Hints” intends to provide you with practical information, tips, and ideas on a range of topics that are relevant to global teams. Because we have not yet seen a global team that doesn’t work together virtually, the first “K2C Hints for Global Teams” focuses on how to build and maintain “swift trust” for success in a virtual team environment.

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A New Version of the Golden Rule? Thinking from the Other Perspective

October 18, 2011


In this latest K2C blog entry, Sue Bray connects the dots between her casual interest in forecasting the future and her passion for global teams. She learns about the "Platinum Rule" and explores how it supplants the "Golden Rule" as a better way for her to see things from the perspective of others. Think differently, act accordingly. Sue suggests that this newly formulated “Platinum Rule” will improve her ability to work with global teams. What do you think?  


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Keys 2 Culture Prepares Global Teams for Success

September 9, 2011



Keys 2 Culture begins its full-scale launch this week by reaching out to a network of business and professional contacts, and its principals, Sue Bray and Diane Landsiedel, would like to use this blog entry to highlight the premise for our business and our personal commitment to this work. 

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Leading the Global Organization Across Time, Distance and Culture at the University of Tulsa

June 21, 2011

This blog entry, written by Sue Bray of Keys 2 Culture, describes a cross-cultural course offered by the College of Engineering to working professional engineers in the University of Tulsa's ELITE Program: Executive Leadership Institute for Technical Professionals and Engineers.  Sue taught a module in the program on "Leading the Global Organization Across Time, Distance and Culture". The content of the course helps engineers to develop an intercultural mindset, to better understand the perspective of the "other", and to improve their cross-cultural communication skills in a virtual and widely distributed work environment. 

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Risk and Resilience in an Intercultural World

April 20, 2011

In this entry of K2C Reflections, Sue Bray and Diane Landsiedel share their thoughts on their recent participation in the SIETAR USA 2011 Conference in Denver, Colorado.  They reflect on how risk and resilience in an intercultural world relates to the uncertain success of global teams in today's complex, technologically advanced work environment.

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